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No School
The world around us is changing fast. But is it always possible to respond to these changes fast enough? With this in mind, the Cibap and SintLucas creative vocational schools have joined forces in the No School initiative. No School researches, experiments and creates space for initiating new, unique learning routes in tandem with the creative industry, and in doing so is helping to future-proof creative vocational education in the Netherlands.

Changing society
Professions are evolving, the world is globalising and the creative work environment is developing in brand new ways. As a result of this state of flux, old structures are working less well and new opportunities are emerging. As creative pioneers, Cibap and SintLucas, two established vocational schools with a reputation for high-quality creative craftsmanship, are used to constantly transforming. No School is able to initiate, develop and implement new training routes that fit in well with our rapidly changing society. But the current education system does not always offer the scope we need to be able to focus on the future. That’s why we are heading off the well-trodden paths and experimenting with different forms of learning.

No School
No School is not a school but it has everything to do with students learning! No School develops new secondary and higher vocational education learning routes (MBO and HBO), on its own or in collaboration with higher education institutions. We are currently developing an English-language Bachelor of Graphic Communication degree programme in a joint venture with the University of Northampton.

No School focuses on community building by entering into partnerships with the creative industry at home and abroad. The SintLucas and Cibap vocational schools are already working with numerous organisations in the Netherlands and have partners in countries including China, the USA, Germany and Italy. No School encourages crossovers into other fields such as technology, healthcare and business that enhance and strengthen the creative sector. Students who work on projects in multidisciplinary teams in the direct interest of clients gain valuable experience. Finally, No School takes part in research to enable it to make data-based decisions that will result in relevant changes in education. What is the power of creativity? How do creatives work and learn?

Stronger together
No School is an initiative under development. The speck on the horizon is there; the route to it will be determined along the way. This is exciting, but the foundation of our schools is so strong that we’re confident we will achieve change in creative vocational education together with the partners we work with: professionals, teachers, students, businesses, schools and others. Our role is to act as a driving force for ground-breaking, innovative activities.

No School? Get to know the power of creatives!

Creative pioneers by Cibap and SintLucas